Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day: How to Propose

So this is kind of the opposite of my last post stemmed from a question I got last Wednesday.

The last post was about how to show you care without making her think you're going to propose, but this post is about how to make it so she thinks you are proposing because you will be (only if you want to propose).

So of course, this might sound like the most uncomplicated things to ever do, but I can tell you it's hard (not that I've gone through it before). You might think that if you want to propose you should do it like they do it in the movies and T.V. shows, but that is the most cliche thing to do. They call it a cliche for a reason because it's been done over and over again.

If you do this, she will see it coming, so for the sake of saving your proposal and keeping it a secret, don't go cliche.

If you choose to go to a restaurant, that's fine, but please don't put it in a desert or in a glass of wine because she won't see it and then you have a health problem on your hands. Trust me, she won't forget that you could have caused her health problems if she doesn't see it and you don't want that.

You best shot, is to do what I said in the post before, is to really make it known that you have been noticing everything that she likes and what she doesn't like and I don't mean the basic things, I mean the things that only you would know.

The things like:
1. When she's sad, even though she doesn't let it on that she is, and you hug her and it makes everything all better.
2. If she starts getting stressed, you make her stop and focus on you, until she's no longer about ready to explode.

Or really anything else like that you have noticed in your relationship duration. It's truly the little things, the little details you remember that will make her smile and make her more willing to consider a life with you by her side.

If you do something that you've seen in the movies because it worked in the movie, she will either think it's super cheesy or cute, and that cute could either be a good thing or a bad thing. If it's a bad thing then you're in big trouble because that means she's probably not thinking about a future with you at your side.

If it's good then you're fine, have fun with your engagement and your life with your loved one.

I hope you have a very happy life together.

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  1. Thanks for your advice last week, Isabella. This one, I read and will now just forget that I did (nice post, though)