Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hills Like White Elephants

I don't have any questions on my email, which is fine with me, I'm fine giving advice on things that I want to, but if anyone has questions or situations that they want help with, I will keep it very anonymous, no names will be mentioned.

 Okay, so yesterday, our homework for English class was to read Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants, which I did. But something stuck with me, even though this was set in a different time and things were different then, it stuck with me because it's something that is seen a lot (I haven't seen it with me or my experiences) and that is guys thinking that they can make their girlfriends do what they want, not what their girlfriends want.

For example, in Hills Like White Elephants, "the American" tells his girlfriend that he wants their life to be like it was before her pregnancy and then he wants her to get an abortion so that life could go back to normal.
To be quite fair, she establishes earlier that he has the power.
He does the typical guy thing and tells her that the operation is her choice when really, what he's doing is telling her and guilt tripping her into killing a part of herself, but he doesn't want to seem like he's a big jerk (I'd use something stronger, but this is a blog, so I won't) so he just proposes it in a way that it seems like she has the choice and decisions when really in the end, he'll make the decision to go, but when he gets back to the table where she's at, she tells him that there is nothing wrong with her and so by that (I think), she's making her decision to keep the baby.
Okay, let me just say something about abortions really quickly (although I have no personal experience with them). Yes, women can be happy and lead happy lives after an abortion and they can be utterly fine. But that's not all women. Some women can start feeling lost afterward because I've heard that some women, when they get pregnant, start having the motherly feel that comes with the child growing inside them. Once you take that away for those women, they feel like they lost a part of themselves and when they get the abortion they think that they are doing the right thing and then as the time passes they feel more and more lost because they can start wanting the pregnancy back.
To have someone, a guy, tell you (to all the women) to do something like killing a part of your body because even if you don't think that babies are humans from conception, you still have to think about the fact that you are growing a little thing in you and for nine months you are the incubator for that tiny human being.

For some one to tell you, you can't do something that is obviously your choice because they think, "it's all your fault", well, I think you found that you can't be with that person because not only is it not your fault considering they helped even more than you did, they want to blame it all on you, which isn't healthy for you or anyone else.

Choices are yours, not for anyone else to tell you what they want you to do because it's your body so therefore, your choice and I don't just mean abortions, but anything else as well.

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