Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Relationships (Relationships in General) and Going into the Military

I yet again have not gotten a question or situation that I can help with again so once more I am going to write something that I want to give advice about.
I personally have never had this problem before, but I can figure how difficult it can be for new relationships especially when something like a military deployment is pressing on it.

Okay every relationship will be different so who's to say whether it will or won't work because there isn't any way of knowing if yours and your partner's relationship is different.

Personally, I don't like war, but that is just my personal opinion. I know there are some people that are super patriotic and I like that they feel so strongly about something that they feel like they should do something, like go to war.
New relationships are hard to begin with because they are new and slightly unstable, or they can be, but not every relationship is like this, some are super easy and then they might see problems later on. That's just how relationships are, you have to find what works best and hammer that "nail" down in the ground, if not, you are going to see problems, maybe.
Having you, or your partner going into the military can be complicated when you've been together for a while.
Being in a brand new relationship (IE having had a few dates, but not yet calling it a relationship) and then having one person being deployed is really hard, but with the right people it can work. It's just like any other long distance relationship, that's basically how you can label it, but them being in the military can add another risk factor, but that risk factor comes along with war, that would be there even if you weren't in that relationship.
Sometimes, it's not that the fact that they are in the military that puts an end to the relationship, but other factors and that can happen, you can never tell what will happen in the future.
Sometimes the military factor doesn't play into it at all, but other factors that will put a strain on that relationship, but no matter what it is,  you will be okay in the end, even if you're not with that person.
Military relationships are just long distance relationships, but they also have this added fear factor because of what war is and that is often difficult for some people to deal with because for a select amount of time you are worried about whether or not they are safe and that is very difficult for some people with knowing that there is a possibility that in a second, their loved one can be in the ground forever away from them.
Sometimes if you're in this situation you have to have faith, not necessarily in a God (only if you don't believe in God), but in your love I guess and the fact that they will be safe and nothing will change, just let go of rationality (only for this part of your life) if you want to stay with that person because that's the only way you'll keep a hold of the relationship.

Sorry, but they don't have any links for guys, but I believe the same rules apply.

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