Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Once again, no messages or emails asking for advice.
Okay well, a lot of teenagers use music to help them solve problems or even just for a pick me up or a stress reliever, I know I do.
Music just helps because most of the time people feel like they connect with the music because most of the time a song can come on and it describes a situation that someone's in perfectly.
I know I said teenagers, but really everyone does this. Music is everyone's escape from what ever is happening in their life and I have noticed how some types of songs may mean something different for a person's mood, but with that being said there are people that have different likes and taste and whether or not they are listening to a specific thing may just be because that is what they are into.
I am going to try and decipher the different song/music types for you so that when you hear someone listening to it you can know what mood they could be in.
(This may become raunchy, possibly just a little, but not too much)
The Sad Love Song
The sad love song is what people could be listening to right after a break up (the period where they just feel the need to cry and beat themselves up because the relationship didn't work out because of something that they did) or it might be because they miss their SO (significant other) because that SO is on a trip or far away from them and all they want is for him/her to be with them.
The Angry Love Song
This is for the person who just got out of the sad love song phase of their breakup. This type of song basically is the anti love song and that being what it is helps with the healing process of  their break up. Or people could listen to this type of love song when they hate their SO for who knows what.

The Regular Love Song
This type of song signifies new love. The bubbly feeling you get with a really happy relationship or with a brand new one when you're still in the Honeymoon phase (some couples never get out of this phase).
The Angry at the Whole World Song
This type of song signifies that something bad just happened in their life and possibly they just want to be left alone with their music because they feel like that's the only thing that can help them feel normal.
The Self Pick Me Up Song
This type of song is when people feel great about themselves and the lyrics in the song only make them feel better about themselves.

These are the main types of songs and if someone's out of their normal self and listening to something that they don't normally listen to then you have to ask yourself, what's wrong, and how can you help fix it?


  1. I completely agree with you when you say that music is an escape. Music constantly keeps a person's mind from going insane. You explained the different types of songs sufficiently. Great job.

  2. I agree with what Brittany said. Wish I had an advice question for you....
    Maybe next week.