Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Babies and Their Intuition

Babies are super intuitive and they actually seem to know more about things that normal adults wouldn't be so inclined to know or they could know if they just applied themselves more, but babies seem to have this natural instinct that adults seem to loose when they age.
I research a lot, more than most kids my age I would think, and one of the things I research most is, babies. The reason is they fascinate me and it amazes me how much they know that we take advantage of because we think of ourselves and the age gap that we have the superiority and the knowledge that they don't when really they have knowledge that we don't, that we grow out of and pass off as childish.
I like researching this because I consider myself to be spiritual, not religious, but that is because of my grandmother, and I find myself to be intuitive, but not as much as any other semi-adult. I have a 3 year old brother and he seems to know a lot, to see a lot that we don't.
For instance, I believe that they can see ghosts and beings that aren't of our dimension (maybe you're reading this right now and you think I am a complete psycho for believing in these things, but honestly I find it completely normal to my own character so I don't really care what you think of me).
The reason why I think this, is because my mom has this piece of artwork from a friend that had passed years ago and then when we moved my brother would always be talking to someone, it seemed like, whenever he was by that piece of artwork and we all didn't know why he was talking to himself, until my parents kind of pieced it together and just assumed he was talking to the friend.
With saying that I believe in spirits doesn't mean that I think that they can do harm, well that most of them don't do harm, but there are some spirits that can do harm to people, but not in the sense of the horror movie spirits and ghosts. No, I believe that we all have protector angelic type of spirits, ones that watch over us and bless us by helping us with all of the good in our lives and I believe you can feel this presence like you can also feel the black tentacles of the evil spirits. I just wanted to take a little excerpt to explain what I believe so it makes more sense than before.

So maybe you don't believe the way I do and honestly I don't care if you do or if you don't, I'm not asking you to believe and certainly if you do, great, or you don't, it doesn't matter.


  1. Don't worry, I think children can see ghosts as well. I've always believed in the supernatural. Great job!