Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Great Gatsby

So this week we finished The Great Gatsby and I have something to say about something relating to that.
Fitzgerald had Gatsby put Daisy on a super angelic pedestal and that frustrates me because I realize a lot of guys do this.
Guys will often put girls on pedestals to where the girls can't possibly meet those standards and the guys that put them there, they're fantasizing about about that girl, but an overly perfect version of themselves that makes them think they are competing with themselves for attention.
When guys do this it's difficult and frustrating because we feel like there's always something that will disappoint them because there will be those moments where they realize that the fantasy isn't like the reality and those moments are moments that'll hurt the most for the girls.
The girls will always wonder if what they do is right and what the guys want, but they will never actually know if what they do is what the guys think when they think of the angelic perfection that is "them".

I'm so sorry about the very short post tonight and I promise that next week's post will be much much longer than this. I just feel like I am the one who needs to be receiving advice versus giving advice.
This is one of those rare moments in time where this'll happen, but I'm just not really in the advice-giving mood.

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  1. Like how you tied Gatsby into a relationship advice blog. Well done!