Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beauty isn't on the Outside, But on the Inside

I still haven't gotten any questions for the blog that I can help people with so I am doing just what I want to give advice on.

This is like the one from three weeks ago, not about love and things like that, but more about the self and the mentality of a girl and how that reflects on the body.

Sadly this is a very present problem in today's culture and society because of the media. And often times other people say the wrong thing, it's not just guys who say the wrong thing, but girls too.
The media says that the only way to beauty is through physical perfection, meaning skinny, perfect skin, and really perfect everything, no flaws whatsoever.
What the media doesn't tell everyone is how much they actually photo shop those "perfect models" that are in the magazines. The models that are viewed on the magazines don't actually look like they do on the magazines, they are not that skinny or that perfect, but yet that perfection image is what is going out to every girl every age and telling them that if they want to be beautiful that they should look like that.
 For every girl that doesn't look like the model on the cover of a magazine, it creates body problems for them. Girls will destroy themselves so that they could match the media's image of perfection. Not all women and girls do it though, but a vast majority do it and it's very very saddening.
What some girls and women are willing to do to themselves so they can achieve that image, in my own opinion, doesn't make them more attractive, but less attractive than they originally were.
Guys and girls who tell girls that they aren't beautiful because they are "too fat" or  "have an imperfection on their face" don't help either, but rather they add to the problem because then those girls will hear that and try to "fix" themselves because they are trying to impress the people who told them that they were too something.
GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This topic frustrates me so much because a lot of people think it's the person who's damaging themselves fault, but actually it's not, it's everyone else who gets their voice into that person's head. True, those people can tune them out, but often times it gets to the point where they can no longer tune them out no matter how hard they try.
Perfection DOES NOT EXIST!!!! Everybody is imperfect even if they seem like they are the optimum of perfection. The only way anyone can be perfect is if someone who's in love with them thinks they are because they see their flaws and they don't care.

Beauty is in everyone because beauty isn't about physical appearance, people who are physically beautiful, also in my opinion, aren't even remotely beautiful unless they are beautiful inside.

Inner beauty is the only thing that matters!!!!!!!! ONLY THING!!!!!!!

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