Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Having a Disability and How to Deal with Others

Once again, I haven't gotten any emails as to any problems that I can help people with, so this is another personal general advice post.

So this post I am going to do something a bit different than I have been doing, I am not gonig to talk about relationships, but a topic more pressing?  (I am at a loss for words and I don't know how to describe the situation) and that is disabilities. In some schools, I have noticed that there is bullying (of different kinds), but this isn't the case at all schools, I know this isn't a problem at my school. I believe the bullying is because those people just don't understand what it means for people who have disabilities to be different from them. Those people (in my opinion) are arrogant and judge way before they could even want to understand.
I, myself, have a minor case of hemispheric Cerebral Palsy on the right side of my body. It effects my speech, the way I walk, and what hand I prefer to use.What it doesn't effect is my ability to make friends, my intelligence, or really anything else. I was diagnosed with CP when I was three years old, now thirteen years later I feel like I have a bright future a head of me. I don't like to inform people that I have CP (although I am right now, but I will explain why) because I had the same thing with people not knowing how to accept the knowledge that I was different than they were, so to save myself from embarrassment, I kept it a secret, or really, I didn't tell people unless they became really close with me. Now, I have learned to use what I was born with not as a disability that makes it so I can't do something, but I use it as strength to show people that I am no different than they are.
When I was younger, people thought that I wouldn't be smart because of my CP, but that isn't the case, I have a 4.0 GPA and I always strive for greater. I think why I do this is to prove those people wrong, that I can be on top of the world, but mostly to prove to myself that I can do it too.
I fully believe that if you have a disability, don't look at it like a limitation because honestly it isn't because if you truly wanted to, you could "rule the world", there are no limitations in life. True, it took me eight to ten years to figure that out and it might take you longer, but once you figure that out there is nothing out there that can stop you, except yourself.
If you can dream it, you CAN do it, there is nothing that will possibly stop you from achieving that dream. People might try to do something that is against what you want and against you, but your disability can be and is your greatest strength and the people who are against you are just scared that you will show them up because you love who you are and you embrace it. Who cares if you do end up showing them up? If you do, do it because YOU CAN and then don't care about turning around and flaunting it, but if you do flaunt, please don't become conceded.

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