Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Over-Protectiveness or Jealousy and How You React to it

Once again, I haven't gotten any emails as to any problems that I can help people with, so this is another personal general advice post.

There's this over-protectiveness or jealousy that comes with being in a relationship with someone you really care about. This is normal to an extent, but being too over-protective or jealous is not normal. How you react to this act of your partner reflects on how you are in a relationship.

For a guy to be over-protective and overbearing and jealous can relay on how dedicated he is to his girlfriend/fiance/wife and that act is probably his way of showing that dedication that he doesn't really know how to show any other way. This can be a good thing and often times it is because having the opposite in a relationship (IE him not caring whether you're out with another guy and if he knows that you are, not caring what you are doing with that other guy) then he doesn't truly care and is probably, most likely, rethinking the relationship.

The over-protectiveness usually comes when you
(the girl or the guy)  are doing dangerous sports, cooking, or really anything dangerous. Jealousy is when you are jealous of other people of the same sex being around your partner because you miss them or even if you are afraid that they might stray from the relationship (that usually comes from having been cheated on before). 

For a girl to be over-protective and overbearing and jealous can also, like guys, relay how dedicated to the relationship she is if she's bad at showing how she feels. Having the opposite from her in the relationship also means she may be rethinking the relationship and often times she is, if she's not caring.

Girls and women always worry and they will always overthink things and stress out about things. How much of these things that they do depend on the girl, some will do more than others, but that doesn't mean that the girls that don't do as much, don't care, they are just wired differently. 

How you react to the jealousy and over-protectiveness is a reflection on how you are in a relationship.

If you think it's cute, then most likely you are comfortable with your partner and feel safe with them, but most importantly you feel the same about your partner.

If you don't like it at all and feel suffocated by them, then you should look at your own self and whether or not you yourself are ready for a relationship like the one your partner wants and whether or not that was the same reason it ended with your past relationships.

Being jealous over nothing isn't normal it means that your partner is probably doing something to make you self conscious of loosing him or her, or once again, it's something with you and you need to look at yourself and the reason for your jealousy.

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