Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working on Fixing a Good (But Broken) Relationship Versus Throwing it Away

Once again, I haven't gotten any emails as to any problems that I can help people with, so this is another personal general advice post.

Okay so, I have seen this happen a lot and it's absolutely saddening because there are many good relationships that work and could last forever, but then there is one little speed bump and they throw it away. That is one of the problems with this generation or really the newer generations, that we have been taught that once something is broken, it becomes unfix-able so they throw it out before they can even access the problem. So, of course that would relay into relationships and that is saddening as well as maddening to me.
They say that marriage is forever, but is it really? Nowadays you see in the media how celebrities are getting divorced (and really, they're celebrities and it's the media, so who can you really trust?), but even without a famous stature, people all over America are getting divorced and it really sets a bad example for every little girl and boy. It teaches them that marriage and love has an expiration date and is that really the message that people want to be sending out to children? I know that sometimes people get married in the heat of  the moment and then after spending more and more time with that person, they realize that they don't really want to spend their life with that person, so they get divorced (and I am not saying that I condone this or that I am making excuses for the divorcees because I am not). I firmly believe that if people get married in the heat of the moment and then get divorced that maybe they should have taken more time to get to know their partner before entering into this life-long commitment with them.
People will often say that they've fallen out of love with their partner, but that is a false excuse overall, but there are the exception, there is always the exception. If you fell in love with someone in the first place then it's pretty unlikely that you are going to fall out of love with them.
I mean it definitely is possible to fall more in love with someone else, but if that happens it causes more pain than just being honest with that person and telling them how you feel so that you can work on it and make the relationship stronger for the future.

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